Yuba College Public Safety



There are a variety of programs offered at Yuba College that focus on public safety, including law enforcement, criminal justice, fire technology and EMT. Explore the options we have for your career choice. 

Customer Service Survey  - Because our college motto is "students first", the staff at Public Safety want to make sure that each student or representative has a positive and professional experience.  We are confident you will receive the best quality of service because we value and respect our students and those careers they seek.  Please feel free to answer the 4 short questions about the service you received.  Thank you.    

Course Completion Survey - Students often receive grant funding through programs such as Veterans' Benefits and Workforce Investment Act. In order to maintain or increase these funding resources for our students, we must provide employment statistics for those who complete the CTE courses.  If you have successfully completed your degree and/or any state certified course which provides you employment opportunities, please complete this short survey to help our future students and our military veterans.  Thank you.