About our Program

The EMT program is a comprehensive curriculum that provides knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to provide Emergency Medical Care in a pre-hospital environment.  Academic rigor encompasses legal and moral aspects, scene safety, primary and secondary patient assessments, intervention and stabilization skills, proper use of emergency medical equipment, awareness of blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases, recognizing signs and symptoms, and pathophysiology of medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.  Practical skills training includes hands-on skills training and interactive simulations.  This course meets EMT curriculum requirements of the California Code of Regulations Title 22, the California EMS Authority and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). 

Please be advised that we are only able to accept the American Heart Association CPR certification.  If you do not have the correct certification, please contact Shirley Carroll at 530-218-5605 or John Hughes at 530-632-8204 as they both regularly schedules CPR certification courses for our EMT students.

Please complete your Course Interest Form for any courses offered at the Yuba College Public Safety Department.  This will allow us to provide you updates as they become available. 


Contact for EMT Program

Main Office Phone Number:  530-749-3879

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